About Us

Publishing in the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church plays a significant role in the mission of the Church. Since the 1960s the Adventist Book Centre New Zealand has developed into a Christian bookshop which we are confident can cater for Adventists and Christians of all ages. 

The Adventist Book Centre Auckland continues the rich history of publishing and literature established by the Seventh-day Adventists in 1848 when James White released the first magazine ‘The Present Truth’. It was eight pages long and had a print run of 1000 copies.

This event was the result of a strong desire to write down the messages communicated in study groups and during public speeches. Publication of the written word was never easy but the results were worthwhile.  The primary messages presented were that the seventh day is the Sabbath day, and that Jesus would come again. Soon.  The grace of God was never lost in their teachings.

The Adventist Book Centre NZ continues this tradition and sells and distributes all types of Seventh-day Adventist and Christian publications in many media forms throughout New Zealand.

The Adventist Book Centre Auckland aims to resource communities to know, grow, and share Jesus.

What kind of books and products do we sell?


The Adventist Book Centre Auckland sells SDA books and Christian books, including fiction and non-fiction titles.  Many of our books are published by the Seventh-day Adventist publishing houses such as Signs Publishing Company, Pacific Press Publishing Association, Review and Herald Publishing Association, and Autumn Leaves.

An excellent range of EG White’s classic works including the Conflict of the Ages, Steps to Christ, and the Desire of Ages is available. 

For Bible study we carry many versions of the Bible, in a variety of formats suitable for in-depth study, easy-reading, varying font-sizes, portability, and age & gender specific. We also have available publications and resources to complement the Sabbath School lessons and ministries.

Pathfinder and Adventurer uniforms are available in all sizes, including class pins, class stripes, sashes, scarves, strips and insignias. Pathfinder honours and Adventurer tokens can be ordered through the Adventist Book Centre via your District Director.

If you wish to order from the monthly Bookshelf catalogue (distributed inside the Record magazine through the Seventh-day Adventist churches) we honour the quoted magazine prices promoted each month for the duration of the special.

We carry a healthy selection of Sanitarium tinned products, and frozen vegetarian pies.

…..and finally, don’t overlook our pleasing selection of devotionals, children’s books and Christian music to help you live a healthy Christian lifestyle, celebrate the Sabbath and prepare for Jesus’ Second Coming!

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