Stories that share Jesus! I am so incredibly proud that my dad has fulfilled his dream of writing a book. I’ve always loved his stories and love that he has captured so many in this book. A humbling legacy indeed!

-Julene Duerksen-Kapao


Story Catcher is a book you’ll read to your children and share with your friends.
Internationally-honored Seventh-day Adventist pastor Richard Duerksen has packed these pages with his favorite “God stories” – tales filled with angels, miracles, frustrated fisherman, fur trappers, and trusting missionaries. You’ll quickly discover how his creative narratives bring the Bible to life. Read more



If you have ever lost someone you love, you know how deep the wound cuts. In Tears to Joy, author Mike Tucker shares from his heart his struggles through the heartache of grief after the death of his wife of more than 40 years, Gayle Anne Whitacre Tucker. Her death affected every corner of his life, both personal and professional. He didn’t only lose a wife but a ministry partner as well.

In sharing his story, Mike also shares research and material that he found helpful and reliable in the process of recovery. While Mike’s experience may differ widely from yours—everyone’s grief journey is different—there are inevitable similarities. And it is in the areas of similarity that you will find the greatest help in dealing with your loss. Read More..


Meet David Edgren ...

David Edgren is an experienced storyteller and author of eight books, who currently works as a school chaplain in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. He talked with Bookshelf about his most recent book and what he learned on the journey.

Q What was the story that led to your new book?

Education Care Projects Kenya (ECPK) founder Carole Platt invited me to join her for a trip to Kenya to tell Bible stories to rescued orphan children. I offered to write a book about the trip—and she said yes! Read more…