Not only will this book challenge you as you pray as you’ve never prayed before, but it will give you extremely practical tools and specific pointers on how to develop the spiritual discipleship needed as we prepare for Christ’s soon coming. –Jerry Page,

Melody Mason is a true intercessor. She has become a much-needed voice, calling us to an intensification of our faith-prayer journey with Jesus. This book has radically changed my own prayer life, and I pray it does the same for you.– Dwight K. Nelson

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Another round of Monopoly won’t inspire the kids for mission. Another game of Settlers won’t help you use your spiritual gifts.

What if there was a board game with Adventist Identity, mission and purpose built-in?

Go Ye! Yes, you!

Work with your friends to tell the world by spreading the gospel across a world map of 58 conferences and 10 divisions. Collect Total Member Involvement by investing your resources in mission trips, spiritual gifts, churches, and offices. Once every conference has a church, the second coming ends the game, and the player with the most TMI wins. More Info…

The game combines strategy from popular board games like Monopoly, Risk and Settlers of Catan.
Artwork is based on real life Adventist ministers, evangelists and icons—can you guess who this is?
Spirit of Prophecy quotes are written on each card, and points are collected to build conferences.


Meet Peter Roennfeldt ...

With the launch of the third book in his “Following . . .” series, Dr Peter Roennfeldt talked with Bookshelf about what he has learned in writing these books and his observations of the growing disciple- making movement in the South Pacific. 

Q What do you understand as “the apostles’ vision”?
That there be no place left where Christ is not known. Before His crucifixion, Jesus had systematically sown the seeds of His movement across the region—Judea, Samaria, Galilee, Decapolis, Gaulantis, Phoenicia and Perea. He commissioned His followers to multiply disciples in all “nations”—and the word used (ethne) indicates they were to take the gospel into every relational stream or “tribe, language and people” (see Matthew 28:18–20; Revelation 14:6). It was a bold vision. Read more…