Prophecy Made Easy

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Glen Walker


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From the back cover:Does ”black” mean ”white”? Does ”happy” mean ”sad”? Then how on earth do some scholars expect us to believe that ”reveal” means ”hide”?Yet that’s exactly what many so-called Bible scholars say about the prophetic book of Revelation–that it’s a book God never intended to be understood, that its prophecies are mysteries that God intended should remain hidden from us. But again, what does the word ”revelation” suggest to you? ”Revealing” or ”hiding”?In Prophecy Made Easy, the author maintains that Bible prophecy is not impossibly complex and mysterious. He says that it doesn’t take a doctorate or seminary degree to understand God’s messages in the book of Revelation and its companion prophetic book–the Old Testament book of Daniel. He shows how the Bible itself provides all the keys necessary to understanding the times and symbols of Bible prophecy.Among the most successful books in print these days are those that promise to simplify various topics so that even ”dummies” or ”idiots” can understand them! No one needs to feel like a dummy or idiot when it comes to Bible prophecy–it is accessible to every one of us, no matter what our intelligence or education. And understanding Bible prophecy has never been more critical and urgent. We’ve now crossed over into a new millennium. Our world is clearly in trouble. Where are we headed? Could we be witnessing the final days of Planet Earth? How will the future affect you and your life plans?This book and your Bible will help you find answers to these questions–and help you experience the future–now!

Available on back-order

ISBN: 9780615113562 |

256 pages |

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