Mission Shift

Multiplying disciples in your community

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Kayle B. de Waal


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“The local church is the future of Adventism . . .”
We are living in one of the fastest periods of change in human history and the local Adventist church is in danger of becoming irrelevant, even out-dated. The local church is at the crossroads and needs to biblically reinvent itself to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.
Will the local Adventist church continue in its same structural mode or can we shift to a new paradigm of mission and ministry? What changes will we make to turn around poor growth figures in many Western nations and communities? How will we respond to Generation Y and Millennials, who will be the church of the future? How can discipleship become the heart and centre of the mission of the church as outlined by Jesus?

“God’s dream for the Seventh-day Adventist Church is for it to be the last discipleship movement on earth, preparing people for Jesus’ soon return. Kayle de Waal shares this dream in this book. He gives historical and theological insights into what needs to happen for this movement to become a reality. He gives inspirational practical examples of biblical movement thinking in action. Mission Shift will change your thinking.
I have an enormous amount of material to read in the course of my work—and I try to read it all. But when I came to the manuscript that author Kayle de Waal gave me, that became his new book Mission Shift, I couldn’t put it down.
This book shares the vision that we have for the church in the South Pacific—to make more and better disciples. It also gives reasons for and practical suggestions in how we will live out our calling to be the last great disciple-making movement.
In many places in our region, our church has been there for more than 100 years. After so long, it is easy for the church to be in a rut, just going through the motions, just doing church and not thinking about the purpose of God’s church—to be the home for all the new disciples coming into His kingdom.
What Kayle does in Mission Shift—and this is what I got excited about—is talk about both where the existing church is, and how we could become that disciplemaking movement. This book is about shifting our churches to a renewed mission, and bringing meaning and effectiveness to everything we do.
Mission Shift is one of the books that I would like every pastor and elder in every church across the South Pacific to read. I think lay and pastoral leadership, need to think about why we are doing church. And I believe this will be a significant book in helping us shift to really being focused on discipleship and mission.
—Glenn Townend, President, South Pacific Division

“If we care about the kingdom of God, about people in our communities and about our church, Mission Shift is the kind of conversation we need to be having. Asking questions about ‘how we’ve always done it’ and how we might do ministry differently is both necessary and faithful to the disciple-making mission we have been given. Mission Shift does this provocatively, with a scholar’s insight, a pastor’s heart and an evangelist’s passion.”
—Debra Brill, Vice President, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

1 or fewer in store (can be backordered)

ISBN: 9781925044591 |

136 pages |

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