Hunter and the Forgotten Treasure (Storybook 2)

The Hunter Chronicles

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Amanda Bews, Tony Knight


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This is story book two of The Hunter Chronicles, one of the 4 volume series for junior aged kids (9-12), each covering 7 of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventsit Church.

Written by Amanda Bews and Tony Knight, Hunter and the Forgotten Treasure (the story book) covers the following Fundamental Beliefs of the SDA Church:

Chapter/Lesson 1 – The Scriptures (SDA Fundamental Belief #1)

Chapter/Lesson 2 – The Gift of Prophecy (SDA Fundamental Belief #18)

Chapter/Lesson 3 – The Sanctuary (SDA Fundamental Belief #24)

Chapter/Lesson 4 – The Life, Death & Resurrection of Jesus (SDA Fundamental Belief #9)

Chapter/Lesson 5 – Jesus’ Second Coming (SDA Fundamental Belief #25)

Chapter/Lesson 6 – The Millennium (SDA Fundamental Belief #27)

Chapter/Lesson 7 – The New Earth (SDA Fundamental Belief #28)

“Ethan, Steph and their new friend Lachie, are off again, this time following the cryptic trail left by the black-hearted bushranger brothers, Thomas & John Clarke.

From forbidden caves and crumbling ruins, to spooky grave-yards and ancient burial grounds, the treasure-seekers delve into secret compartments and even more secret family histories in the hunt to solve a century old mystery. But who are the mysterious figures dogging their every move? Does someone else know about the bushrangers’ gold? And what does any of this have to do with ancient Vikings?

The race is on. First to the treasure wins, and doesn’t the winner always take it all…?

Join Hunter and his friends as they blast-off on the treasure-hunting rollercoaster ride of a lifetime to discover what matters most in life.”

A child who studies through the entire 4 volumes will have learned about all of our fundamental beliefs and will be prepped for baptism, in fact the last lesson in Volume 4 deals with baptism and even invites a child to read through the General Conference endorsed “Simplified baptismal Vows” and make a decision for baptism.

The book also has a companion Hunter’s Handbook 2 (the Bible study guide) which can either be purchased separately or as a discounted pair with this matching story book.

Bulk buy discounts are also available so this product can be purchased for group study classes, such as Pathfinders or young Bible study classes.

Buy 5+ or 10+ of this product and save when purchased online or as a single combined purchase from one (1) of our retail stores.


There is a Pathfinder Honour & patch for each of the Hunter Chronicles books?

Contact your youth department to find out more!

1 or fewer in store (can be backordered)

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