Creating Healthy Habits for Life - Part 2: Outlook



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Outlook is a gift you give to yourself — it’s the colours with which you paint the world. Some of us leave smudges of gray and dark purple as we frown through the day. That’s our choice. Others leave sparkling designs of gold, green, and sky-blue. That’s also our decision.

God designed each of us to be different, special, unique, and wonderful. But having a negative outlook is not in His plan. A negative outlook switches off the lights of hope. It changes love to hate, and peace to stress. A positive outlook does just the opposite. It turns on the lights, ignites love, and allows our heart to focus on possibilities, not problems. He made us to be positive, and His example sets the standard. In this Life Guide, you’ll learn how to create healthy habits by changing your Outlook.

1 or fewer in store (can be backordered)

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