Closing Prayers

Facing the Final Crisis on Our Knees

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Our world is on a cosmic death row with Judgment Day looming. End-time delusions are at an all-time high. The rapid movements unfolding in our world today have revealed the magnitude of the crisis. But the real crisis is in our hearts—not the hearts of sinners but of saints!

Have you ever wondered why, after all the prayer conferences and prayer initiatives over the years, we haven’t seen revival yet? At a time when believers need to be most powerful spiritually, we seem to be the weakest. Am I really born again? Do I have a real relationship or merely religion? Do I have enough oil in my spiritual lamp?

Closing Prayers helps you answer these questions and more. How should believers pray in the last hours of earth’s history? It’s time to go deep in prayer—not solely for more power to do great things for God in ministry but for more humility to allow God to execute great exploits of grace and transformation in our own hearts. The final crisis we must be most concerned about is the crisis of self and surrender to the Holy Spirit.

God is looking for ordinary men and women who will pray for rain, who will pray the right prayer at the right time in the right way for the right reason, who will pray ?Change me,? ?Search me,? ?Wake me,? ?Break me,? and ?Send me.? Are you one of them? Are you ready to let Jesus disturb your peace?

2 or fewer in store

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